Six best steps in creating customer care program



Customer care is a process of building an emotional connection with your customers or is a way of dealing with customers when they interact with your brand, products or services to keep them happy and satisfied. Customer care goes beyond customer service and support because it focuses on building emotional connections between brands and customers. The following are the

Step-by-step in creating an effective customer care program


1. Incorporating a customer care philosophy into company mission statements;

The first and most important step in establishing a customer care program is to ensure that a commitment to customer care is enshrined in the corporate mission statement.
By so doing a company has taken the first step in a commitment to customer care. Moreover, being the mission statement, this commitment can be seen to come from the top. This should serve to form and guide a customer care culture and philosophy throughout the organization


2. Establishing a customer care culture and philosophy;

This is part of the process of ‘internal marketing’. Individuals and functions in the organization must be persuaded and shown how their activities relate to overall levels of customer care and the impact they can have on this area.
Implementing this philosophy throughout an organization requires that people’s tasks, activities, responsibilities and even promotion and remuneration are linked to customer care. Customer care responsibilities are part of everyone’s job in the organization.


3. Identifying customer needs and perceptions;

As with all marketing program, the start point of effective customer care is the identification of customer needs. Customer care is about ensuring these needs are met and in particular that customer expectations are fulfilled or exceeded.
Many companies still do not appreciate what their customers’ needs and expectations are with regard to various facets of the transaction process.


4. Establishing customer care standards and specifications;

This step in the process involves the company establishing specific levels for customer care and the key activities and processes to be included. These must relate to customers’ expectations and needs established in the first step.

For example, we need to establish delivery standards, standards for customer responsiveness, courtesy and credibility and product quality.
Although customer care programs should meet the highest level of standards in line with customer expectations, it is important to establish a basic minimum level below which levels of customer care should not drop under any circumstances.


5. Specifying jobs and activities;

Related to required standards and specifications for customer care there needs to be detailed specifications of what this means for people’s activities and jobs within the organization.
It should include, for example, the designation of tasks and activities, allocation of responsibilities, motivation and monitoring and control systems necessary to successfully implement customer care and the information systems required to facilitate effective customer care program.


6. Ensuring adequate systems for monitoring and evaluating levels of customer care;

It is important that effective systems are established for measuring and evaluating standards of customer care including tracking and monitoring systems, market research and customer evaluation procedures.
Clear systems and procedures for ensuring effective responses to problems with customer care levels, including complaints are necessary.



These are the practical steps in implementing customer care programs but effective customer care also requires an organization-wide commitment. In this respect it is important to stress that this is not just a marketing department responsibility and activity.

The importance of customer care and an acceptance of this importance throughout every level and function of the organization is a critical issue. Customer care must be part of overall corporate culture. Moreover, it should impinge on every facet of the marketing program.
It is to these two aspects of implementing customer care program that we now turn our attention.


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