The concept of and short note of

1. Capacitor
2. Transistor



Capacitor is a two terminal electrical device that can store energy in the form of an electric charger. It consists of two electrical conductors that are separated by a distance.
The space between the conductors may be filled by vacuum or with an insulating material known as dielectric . The ability of capacitor to store charger is called capacitance .


(a) It consists of two electrical conductors that are separated by a distance. The simplest design for a capacitor is a parallel plate which consists of two metal plate with a dielectric between them.

(b) It allows to hold negative and positive charger apart.

(c) It is one among of the electronic passive device

(d) Capacitors have limited life span. Most Capacitors are designed to last approximately 20 years.


(a) Capacitors is the conditioning of powers suppliers. allow only AC signal to pass when they are charged blocking DC signals.

(b) Capacitors are used for signal processing in Dynamic Random Access Memory (RAM) device to represent binary information as bit.

(c) Capacitors are used as sensors to measure a variety of things including humidity mechanical trains and fuel levels.

(d) Capacitor used to store electrical energy.


A transistor is a semiconductor the device usually made out of silicon or germanium. There are two types of transistors which are Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs) and Field Effect Transistors (FETs).


(a) Most Transistors have 3-4terminals. In BJTs they are called the base collector and emitter. In FETs they are called the gate sources and drain.

(b) Transistors are fundamental building blocks in the constructions of all modern electronic devices and are used in computer chips and smartphones.


(a) Used to amplify electric current or to block its passage when in the amplifier function, transistors are fed low input electric current amplify it and thus produce a higher output electric current.

(b) Transistors are used as microscopic switches, turning the electric current in a circuit on or off or to attenuate it and this process can occur at a great speed.


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