Interpersonal and intrapersonal skills used to build positive relationship within teams



Interpersonal skills and Intrapersonal skills. It refers to communication that happens between two or more people, while
intrapersonal refers to communication that occurs in your mind. Interpersonal skills can be a verbal or non-verbal exchange of ideas.


Ways on building positive relationship within teams through inter and intrapersonal skills:


Share your knowledge and encourage them to share theirs. The Encourage them to read articles on leadership skills. Start some lively discussions about what everyone is reading. Then, if someone has a problem that you can help with, speak up.

Interpersonal skills

By sharing your expertise, you not only save the person the time and trouble of searching for the solution, but also earn their respect and trust, which makes the whole team stronger.


Encourage collaboration. The Encourage employees and team members to form smaller teams to a specific project, task, or goal.
Working together on a project is a great way for people to get to know each other better.


Ask questions. The great way to get a conversation going. When you ask questions, the person you’re talking to feels like you’re really interested in what they have to say, which makes your relationship stronger.


Develop your friendship. The Friends do other things together besides work. Whether it’s golf, bowling, or participating in a charity project together, activities outside of work help cement your friendship and make it stronger. Spending time with people shows them that they are important to you.


Efficient communication. With clear and efficient communication, you can able to avoid any potential misunderstandings with your team. A good speaker comes to be known as smart and mature, no matter their age.
If you give voice to any and all impulsive thoughts that cross your mind, people won’t put great value in your opinions.


Learn to understand and avoid complaining. Understanding your team and empathizing with them is an important trait when working with others. Always consider circumstances from another person’s viewpoint. What may seem like the obvious, correct answer to you could have entirely different implications when seen from another perspective.


Intrapersonal skills


Resolve conflicts. Now it’s time to become the person people can turn to when disputes arise. When your team mates disagree, it can bring the mood of the whole team down, but you can better the situation by taking on the role of moderator. Make them discuss the issues clearly, and try to help them resolve their conflict.


Building strong intrapersonal relationships within your team creates a work environment that is more conducive to working together and getting things done. This increased productivity affects the company’s bottom line and makes your entire team more valuable to Management.


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