7 Functions of OS-Operating System


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Operating System (OS): The software that manages the resources of a computer system and schedules its operation is called Operating system.
The operating system acts as interface between the hardware and the user programs and facilitates the execution of programs .

Generally, the OS acts as an interface between the user and the Hardware of the computer. i.e It is a bridge between the user and the Hardware. The User interface provided by the OS can be character based or graphical.

CUI -- Character user Interface
GUI -- Graphical user Interface

CUI: It is operated with keyboard only. Ex: MS-DOS, UNIX

GUI: The system can be operated with mouse and keyboard. Ex: Windows 95, Windows XP etc

Disk Operating System (DOS): It was developed as early as 1980 by Bill Gates at the age of 19.
It is suited for personal computers. Dos is a single user and single task operating system

WINDOWS: It works with DOS and it supports single user and multitask system. It requires a powerful PC with a minimum RAM of 8 MB.

UNIX AND XENIX: It is suited for multi-user and multi-task system

Functions of Operating System:

Today most operating systems perform the following important functions:
1. Processor management: It manages the assignment of processor to different tasks being performed by the computer system.

2. Memory management: It manages the allocation of main memory and other storage areas to the system programmes as well as user programmes and data.

3. Input / Output management: It manages the co-ordination and assignment of different Input and Output devices while one or more programmes are executed.

4. File management: It allows all files to be easily changed and modified through the use of text editors or some other file manipulation routines.

5. Establishment and enforcement of a priority system: It determines and maintains the order in which jobs are to be executed in the computer system.

6. Interpretation of commands and instructions.

7. Facilitates easy communication between the computer system and the computer operator.


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