How to create blog in Tanzania


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• Meaning of blog
• Types
• Things that makes great blog
• How do bloggers earning money
• Conclusion

Meaning of blog

Is a online journal run by individual, group or corporation that offer regularly update content (blogpost) about a topic. It presents information in reverse chronological order and it’s written in an informal or conversational style.

Types of blog

I. Personal blog; works like an online diary where blogger share opinions.

II. Niche blog; provide information on a particular topic, usually related to the blogger’s passion skills and knowledge Eg.

III. Multimedia blog; publishing multimedia content like music, video and podcasts. Example of multimedia blogs in Tanzania are etc

IV. News blog; focus on the same latest happening and new releases in a specific industry. Example

V. Company or business blog; publishing content related to a company’s industry

VI. Affiliate blog; based on affiliate marketing the practice of promoting a third party’s products and service. Affiliate blog owner will earn commission when someone purchase from the custom link

Affiliate blogs in Tanzania are not popular. For creating a blog and blog posts away from coding skills you’re advised to use blogging software (content management system -CMS) like WordPress and Blogger

Things that makes great blog

a) High quality contents
b) Inviting headlines
c) Good user interface (UI)
d) Regularly update content
e) Active reader engagement

How do bloggers earning money

1. Displaying pay per click (PPC) ads
2. Encourage readers to purchase products using their affiliate link


Before creating and start blogging ensure that you have the following


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