Maarifamix is a specific blog established with the aim of providing training and all information related to educational issues only. All the training is currently in the form of text as it is on its pages in the blog.

Maarifamix is responsible for providing good quality content to ensure that you learn through us and are not overwhelmed by important educational information as soon as it occurs. We are dedicated to give you the best. Do not stop visiting our blog. Thank you for choosing us.

upcoming projects:

  1. 1. Providing Pdf notes; Once the project is finished, we will provide special posts with quotes in PDF format to make it easier to read and save the content in our visitor's device.

  2. 2. Video tutorials through YouTube; We will provide various training videos to increase knowledge and strengthen skills, please do not stop subscribing to our channel.

  3. 3. Coding tutorials; coding and programming training will be ready soon after the preparation process is completed.

  4. 4. Swahili learning and teaching materials for primary schools; We aim to reach more people to teach them the Swahili language and provide quotes for lessons taught in primary schools in Tanzania.
  5. Stay ready