7 reasons why Google will reject AdSense application.

1. Your website is too new

This is one of the first things that you should pay attention too. Google does not want to work with newly created websites. It is an indicator that their Adsense campaign is not going to be of that much benefit neither for you or for them.
Therefore, if your website is younger than 6 months, you should postpone the application for AdSense.

2. No content, poor-quality or inappropriate content

Google want to steer away from websites with inappropriate or incomplete content, or poor content in general. This is why if you have no content on your website, or if the content is of low quality or inappropriate, you will get rejected automatically. Therefore, make sure that you are creating the best content possible.

3. Poor quality or non-organic traffic

It is very important that you have some stable amount of traffic to your website. Organic traffic shows that you are creating legitimate content and that your website is of high quality. Patience is the key here, work on making your website visited by other people naturally.

4. No privacy policy

This is the most common reason for an application to be rejected. Many people simply overlook the importance of having a properly written privacy policy available on their website while some don’t even have it at all! Google takes users’ privacy seriously and they want you to do the same. It is mandatory to have a privacy policy on your website. Ignoring this step will result in immediate rejection.

5. You encourage users to click on the ads.

Ask your readers to use your affiliate links and also to click on AdSense ads to support you is against their terms and policies. Keep everything clean and organic on your website to avoid this. Display ads where appropriate, try different placements on your website to improve conversions, but do not entice your users in any way to click on the ads.

6. Links are from or lead to harmful or inappropriate sites

Google does not want to be affiliated with any type of website that leads to inappropriate or suspicious websites. Double-check your own links and backlinks that point to you from other websites. Remove any that have anything to do with inappropriate content.

7. Server downtime

Adsense wants to collaborate with websites that are actually accessible at all times. This is why server uptime and downtime are so important. Double-check the capabilities of your hosting provider, as you want your website to be online at all times.

If your website is constantly crashing and going offline, AdSense will reject your application, as it means that the ads on your website are going to go offline quite often and is simply perceived as unprofessional.

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